More than just pretty faces, we're a team of dreamers that build.

Juan Rodriguez

J.R. is the founder of OOPM whose many talents include being able to tell clients the best thing to order on any menu within a 3­-mile radius of the office. A lover of sports and family, he keeps a keen eye on the latest happenings around entrepreneurship, business, and finance. The only thing J.R. enjoys more than beating his coworkers at ping pong is satiating his occasional need for adrenaline by riding his bikes (with or without motors).

Andrew Simpkins

An OOPM OG and co­founder, Andrew makes sure that creativity is job number 1 and fun is number 2. Always thinking in multiples, he even has twin babies. Mr. Simpkins is truly the triple threat, flourishing behind the Mac, lens, and wheel. An inspiration to bearded men the world over, Andrew can often be seen driving his VW van across the horizon. Is there anything he can't do? Debatable.

Leland Clemmons

Think all developers are geeks with a penchant for death metal? Meet Leland. As a geek with a penchant for David Bowie, he truly breaks the mold in the world of devs. Leland’s passion for good code and cogent interfaces is only surpassed by his burning desire to own a Scottish Terrier.

Mark Wright

Looking for Mr. Wright? Your search is finally over. A native San Diegan with a love for adventure, Mark is in perpetual pursuit of city's greatest dive bar. As Project Manager, he reigns in the controlled chaos in this place otherwise known as ‘OOPM Creative’.

Chrissy Marshman

After missing her audition to become a Niki Minaj back up dancer, Chrissy took her management skills to OOPM Creative. Responsible for both the day-to-day operations of the office as well as planning epic adventures for the team, Chrissy is happiest when everything is in its place. She still twerks in the lunch room when no one's looking.

Erika Camplin

Before starting as Content Creator at OOPM, Erika spent a number of months combing the Earth with her husband in search of the world's greatest meat pie. Born in the Midwest, but a New Yorker for many years (and perhaps at heart), Erika can often be found watching Michael Jordan re-runs on ESPN Classic in her time off.


  • Digital

    Ready, willing, and agile: OOPM gains understanding around your brand and target markets to get the digital job done. Our team thrives on creating digital experiences that are equal parts deliberate and delightful.

  • Experiential

    OOPM believes that form and function are partners in crime, and we love watching them play together. Throughout our process we never stop thinking about the customer, while we create experiences that keep them talkin’.

  • Marketing

    We develop marketing strategies that quite simply result in increased brand loyalty, culture ­making, and high visibility. Whether it is growing your presence in your current marketspace, or establishing a baseline in new markets, OOPM dials our approach to match your needs. Our team is restless until the mountain moves, at least a little.

  • Creative

    OOPM believes that great creative can be transformative and that design is always up for redefinition. Our team expertly tells the story of forward­thinking brands, products, and services. We are a crew of passionates, working to convey your uniqueness in an irresistible way.

Creative Culture


    OOPM is independent and mighty as an agency, but admittedly pretty codependent as a team. And we really like it that way: We build and thrive off each other’s expertise, and believe mind­blowing ideas can come from anywhere in the office. Or at happy hour.

  • The Working Life

    Our group has that not­very­common thing of making the line between work and life a little blurry. In a good way: We all bring empathy, respect, and weird ideas to work every day and find that doing so is good for the soul.

  • Elbowroom

    The OOPM studio is set in an historic warehouse on the outskirts of San Diego’s Little Italy district. We’ve set it up to encourage the flow of ideas while giving everyone enough elbowroom to flex their autonomy.