Welcome to our new site. We are glad you are here.

When we started OOPM back in 2011, it was with a little bit of hope and a lot of energy. Since that time, we’ve grown in size, stature, and ability. We’ve taken on some amazing clients, helped curate epic events, and even had a bit of fun here and there.

What’s the same:
We still love to get our hands dirty and our feet wet. And not just at the local beaches, but with tough challenges and new frontiers in things like technology, apps, and digital strategy. We’re dedicated to making our clients happy, both in meetings and with the results we put out to move their bottom line. We still love to make. We still love to create.

What’s new:
We’ve added to our team, in size and ability with the addition of video production, copywriting, and digital strategy. We want to grow more but not too much. We’ve launched a new sports marketing entity OOPM Sports which assists professional athletes in career and brand development, and we absolutely love it. We began a company called Progress Project dedicated to creating apparel for non-profits and giving them a chunk of the proceeds. In 2016, we will be kicking butt and taking names. And we’d love for you to come along for the ride.

Check out some new work, or watch our highlight reel. And keep in touch.

The OOPM Crew