Instagram ads are an excellent way for your client to reach followers that share interest areas with your client’s brand, but may just not be aware of your client yet. With awesome targeted demographic reach, you can tap into a whole new layer of exciting future brand loyalists. But, in order to do so, your ad has to be effective! This article will explore what makes a great Instagram ad and, perhaps just as importantly, what makes a bad one.

1. Follow the Rules
When you go in to configure your Instagram ad, you will be made aware of a few cardinal rules that Facebook and Instagram have set up. The biggest rule is that you are allowed only 20% text overlay on your image(s). Your ad will be rejected and not posted if you don’t follow this main parameter. Be sure to check up-to-date rules for ads and always follow them. Not doing so will delay the posting.

2. Use the Bells and Whistles
When Instagram started offering multiple images for ads for the same price back in March of 2015, I started to wonder why I ever see ads not utilizing this option. Just think about it: You get to give your client’s brand 4x the chances to convey information, tell their story, and wow their new potential client.  And, according to DigiDay, Carousel ads are 10 times better at getting people to click through compared to static sponsored posts on Facebook.

3. Utilize the Proper Call to Action
Instagram gives ad makers a few options for a call to action button within the ad, so identify what your main goal is. For example, if you are trying to gain followers and raise brand awareness, then maybe ‘Learn More’ is your best choice. If you are blasting a sale on one product ‘Shop Now’ is the one. Take time to identify your goals and make sure your image and content choices align.

4. Keep Testing and Trying
Try running the same ad with different target demographics or a different tag line and see which performs better. The great thing about social ads is you can spend a little money and learn a lot. Try to set up your ads, so that the information coming back is easy to utilize and build on. Always be iterating and tweaking based on your findings.