At OOPM, we love summer. You might think that San Diegans live in summer year round, but in actuality we feel things heat up and the simple vibe of summer permeates our lives more than any other time of the year, just like everywhere else.

With summer comes the undeniable urge to get outside, and with that we have come up with our list of totally non-essential but totally fun summer gadgets to accompany all sorts of adventures.

Coolest Cooler
After a blundered Kickstarter campaign (whoops), this cooler has taken off to become the gold standard amongst barbecue and beach enthusiasts. Featuring a Bluetooth speaker that can pair with another speaker up to 30ft away, a USB charger, a bottle opener, an LED light, and (the piece de resistance) a built-in blender, this ‘cooler’ leaves little to be desired. Except perhaps a price break: At $399, you are definitely paying for a luxury cooling experience.

Available in 3 colors at:


Tiki Toss
Given as a gift to one of our employee’s by his adoring mother, who called it “the next darts, this outdoor leisure game has proven just mind-numbing and simple enough to provide hours of entertainment during beer-drinking sessions. Described as “the original hook & ring game” it can be placed and played just about anywhere with fun for the whole family. Rather than trying to describe it, it’s best to just watch the video and see how it can quickly become your new summer addiction.

Available to purchase from $29.95 on


Ever dreamt of owning your own boat, but can’t fathom the cost of a slip, gas, and, well, the boat itself? Same here. Luckily, you can probably afford a GoBoat: A $99 fishing boat that fits in your trunk. It’s essentially a glorified inner tube with a small motor, but it does the trick to get you out on the water quickly and easily. We recommend it for lakes and bays rather than the deep sea, of course.

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SNAP Instant Polaroid Camera

Summer Polaroids were always the best, right? Now you can relive those days by forgoing Instagram and your camera phone for the nostalgia of Polaroid with their adorable SNAP camera. It instantly prints 2×3” full color prints that can even have filters such as B&W or sepia. It’s good old fashioned memory-makin’ at its finest!

Available for $99 on


Cobra JumPack Car Battery Charger
A more practical addition to your summer fun kit, this item seems to be quickly becoming a staple for trunks everywhere: It is a portable jump for your car when your battery goes dead. Cheaper than a AAA membership and more convenient than calling your second cousin whose house you happen to be nearby, you can now simply Macguyver yourself out of a dead battery situation. Bonus: it also charges your cell phone and has an LED flashlight.

Available for $99.95 at