OOPM Creative and OOPM Sports were thrilled to attend the 2016 CrossFit Games in Carson, California last month.

It was an incredible opportunity to see what’s happening in the CrossFit world, connecting with clients, and seeing four of our athletes perform.

Assault Fitness Products Booth
Assault Fitness Products approached OOPM before the Games as an official sponsor of the event, wanting to wow attendees and give them a feeling of what their Assault AirBike can do. The team at OOPM Creative collaborated with the Assault team to bring back their 3 for 30 contest and make it better than ever. The contest entails riding your heart out on the Assault AirBike right there in the booth for 30 seconds to see how many calories you can burn. Every entrant is awarded 3 entries to win their very own Assault AirBike. Getting people into the booth and excited to sign up for the contest was key, so OOPM created a 30’x30’ truss structure with arcing truss, exciting graphics, and an LED wall. In addition, OOPM positioned the bikes in the middle of all the action, so that when commotion and excitement around the contest ensued, it piqued the interest of people walking by. Apparel was sold around the edges of the booth, and Assault team members were on hand to answer questions and help run the contest. Overall, the booth saw a ton of traffic and was a great success.


KillCliff Booth
KillCliff is hands-down the coolest beverage in CrossFit, and their brand brings everything to the max. When they needed a special piece to make their military-themed booth at the CrossFit Games go the extra mile, they asked OOPM to help out. OOPM came up with the idea of bringing virtual reality (VR) into their booth, because KillCliff is the funnest brand out there, and—let’s be honest–what’s more fun than killing zombies? The uniqueness of having a virtual reality component at the CrossFit Games aligned perfectly with KillCliff’s consistent desire to push the envelope, and drew lots of people into give it a try. In addition to the VR, OOPM put together a military-themed apparel wall, complete with ammo cans and actual military netting to hang over the entire thing.